Million Dollar Question | Why Should You Care About Statistics?

Statistics reflect you, your business, your neighbors and ...umm preciously everything!

Well, for sure I 'm not talking about wrong or misleading Statistics.

It's gonna rain today. I agree, I ain't no God but Statistics told me this.

What are the chances that Earth will hit by a giant Asteroid today?
So, are you going to fail in this semester?

Everyday a lot of road accidents happen. You do not care. Why should you care. But when studies show that one death occur every 51 minutes because of drink and drive, suddenly everything starts making sense in your life as well. Here Statistics involved and now you've a better idea that how drink and drive can affect your life too.

You will find hundred of thousands of buzz-words in Statistics. All are useful and all are useless. There can not be a deterministic pattern since world is changing so Statistics are changing. All you need to do is, keep moving with Statistics.

So, do you care about Statistics? Share your views in the comments below and please do share the post with your friends as well!


  1. a very generalized way of explanation


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