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I was just listening to John Lennon and suddenly the question prompted in my mind.

Can we imagine AI without Statistics?

You know your mind can sprout n number of ideas when you're into music, especially when you're into John Lennon!

Continue imagining...

Any system that solves faster, runs faster or computes faster, it doesn't mean that it is an intelligent system. We can not consider an airplane as an intelligent system just because it flies. But we can consider an autonomous self driving car as an intelligent system because it learns from its previous mistakes.

Lets be more precised:
Intelligent System - Any system that learns from its previous mistakes.

Humans are intelligent because they learn from it's mistakes (experience). Autonomous self driving car is intelligent because it learns from its mistakes (data). Airplane is not intelligent because it doesn't learn, it still needs human intelligence in its operation.

Since Artificial Intelligence is intrinsically data-driven, without Statistics it is paralyzed.

You can see a role of Statistics in our real world here.

Without Statistics, the existence of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence or any knowledge-intensive major seems to be in trouble. Probably they would go instinct helplessly.

But if you want to see a better world, you have to start imagining a world, a world with human-machine collaboration. Since, Statistics are completely technology independent but once you integrate statistical ideas with human input into AI products and research, it becomes huge, really huge!

Can you imagine AI without Statistics? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below and please do share the post with your friends as well!


  1. Human baby (even animal) can learn from little example, do not need big data.
    Cat hate me because I hit her once.
    Our brain remember the important things, we can pick the important things from all inputs.
    But how machine do that?
    What is important for machine?
    If AI have no idea about themself, have no self recognize, self respect...They can not tell what is important and what is not. Only human can write code for them, or make some tag to train them.

    The point is how to let machine has self-will?

    1. I do agree with your statement. Indeed AI is still struggling in human emotion detection and that seems to be a huge milestone.

      Although many research is going on face emotion recognition and indeed they are achieving on a satisfactory result but how about the text format or natural language processing.

      If a sentence contains some sarcasm word in a simple positive word, machine will completely fail to detect as well.


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