Mean and It's Half-Brothers | Mean, Median And Mode

So, don't you think Median and Mode have been ignored since it's existence?

Well, if you think I'm wrong, I'm gonna disprove it.

- Mean is an obedient child who cares about everything.
- Median is an ignorant child who doesn't care about the extreme.
- Mode cares about only extreme.

I agree! Median and Mode are paying for being an ignorant child!

The question is, why we should care about the thing that does't really belong to our realm.

Comparing the salary of an average common man with the salary of the richest person on Earth is like comparing an ant to an elephant.

If we keep assuming our future trend or behavior by including the outliers, the predictions are not going to work. Never!

Long story short:
- If the data is highly skewed, do not use Mean, use Median instead.
Oops! Unfortunately most of the data in our world are highly skewed.
- If the data is not highly skewed, use Mean but again, the result will be close to the median.
Oops, Median is close again!

So, out of these three measures, which one do you use often? Let me know and share your thoughts in the comments below and please do share the post with your friends as well!


  1. Precise comparison, I must say.

  2. mean, median and mode all reside at one point in normal distribution


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