Machine Learning and Its Applications

Shh, Machine is learning! Let it learn!

Does machine really learn?

Lets go back..

Before Machine Learning, we used to follow traditional computational approach that was pretty straight forward to understand. Algorithms were written using explicit instructions. e.g. If you press Button-A, then you will get a Coke can, if you press Button-B, then you will get a beer can.

Machine Learning doesn't work that way!

Instead of following a specific instruction on some action, it tries to identify a pattern.

So, how does it make pattern?

Umm well.. lets switch the discussion into a real world!

Why kids are more prone to make mistakes than an adult human being?

Answer is pretty simple! Most of the things they experience are new to them. They have no idea if they touch the fire then it can burn their hand. If they jump from floor, it can hurt them. Everything seems new to them. As day passes, they experience more and further those experience only helps them to make a better decisions in their future life.

Just like that, machine also learns from it's past experiences. Since its a machine so it's experiences are in the form of data. It learns from data.

It's gonna rain today. How machine knows that today it will rain? Because it analysed past several months weather data. It made some pattern on the basis of some weather factors such as humidity, temperature and so on.

Well, the rain forecasting is maintained just to understand easily. You're being served by Machine Learning every day you do not even realize.

- Manufacturing or discovering a new drug
- Intelligent medical systems learn from data that can help patients to skip unnecessary tests.
- Accurate identification of disease

Financial Trading
- To predict the behavior of vulnerable stock market

- Customer behavior
- Customers personalized shopping experiences
- Customers personalized recommendations

Smart Cars
- Autonomous self driving cars

- Helps customer to set their preferences for future travelling destination

Social Media



Data Security

Fraud Detection

- It helps students to select a right course based on their interests
- It helps teachers to understand the students better

Speech Recognition

Image Recognition
- Face detection
- Character recognition

We can see how world is transforming with the help of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


If we talk only the good face of Machine Learning then it's not going be fair.

- Since some developing and under development countries are facing a lot of employment crisis, don't you think that it can take jobs of human? Well, that's right!

- Privacy? 24 x 7 we are surrounded by these intelligent systems,  do we have any idea that what are the information these systems are taking from us every moment?

Have you ever implemented or thinking to use Machine Learning concept in any of your applications? Please share your experiences in the comments below and please do share the post with your friends as well!


  1. Can we think ML as technology dependent?

  2. How AI and ML differs? Any idea?

  3. I went into the future of machine learning here

    There is good with the bad, but as long as we know the bad we can mitigate the influence to a certain degree.

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