360-Degree Customer View

Leave any buzz-word if you've right now about this topic. Think it in a simplest way one can ever have.

How you see your cell phone with 360-degree view?
- Front
- Rear
- Top
- Bottom
- Left
- Right
- Different corners

All pictures that you get from the above mentioned options will be different, isn't it?

So, how does it make sense in our business?

Well, lets assume that your company is going to release a new product. You simply can not promote your product to all of your customers. Reason is simple. It's gonna be damn expensive. You segment your customer base based on their behavior and perspective.

360-Degree view of customer:
- Demographic: Age, gender, family size, income, occupation, religion, race and nationality
- Geographic: Location
- Psycho-graphic: Lifestyle
- Behavioral

Well, there can be many more view. Depends on your business and customer.

A universal truth: You can solve a problem well only if you know the problem well. So before doing any customer segmentation, see your customer with it's 360-Degree view.


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